Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies


I'm more of a soft cookie fan, but Mark likes the crisp, flat cookies better.  And you might know that "crisp" is a texture that's not exactly easy to obtain with nut flours.   Our friend Ben, aka as benlowcarb on Facebook, shared this recipe along with his tips for getting that flat crisp cookie style.  And while I wouldn't say these are exactly the same as regular cookies from my pre-keto days, they are good and Mark really liked them.  I'll make them again, so sharing the recipe here with you too :)

Ben's tips:  Bake at a lower temperature.  Use melted butter.  Don't chill the batter. Use baking soda, not powder.
My tips:  I wouldn't use a recipe with gelatin for a crisper-style cookie.  Also I would avoid Bocha sweet and Allulose as they seem to bake up softer in my experience as well.