Ice Cream!

 A new ninja creami machine came to live with us and we are loving it!  This is a keto version of peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream.  I started with a scoop of Equip Prime protein powder (peanut butter flavor); added about half cup of heavy cream and half cup almond milk, 2 oz cream cheese, two tblsp of unsweetened peanut butter and whizzed that all together in a blender.  During the mix in phase, I added a few Lily's chocolate chips. (I am on the lookout for a cleaner chocolate chip! I may have to make our own?!)

Once it was blended together, I put it in the Creami deluxe 20 oz container and added water to the max fill line.  It made up beautifully with great texture.    It's very filling with the protein and fat, so I got 4 servings out of the 20 oz.  

6 carbs, 4 protein, 22 fat by my calculations

There is a learning curve with the machine and I'll be experimenting with flavors. Next time I'll try a couple scoops of the protein powder to try to get the protein count up.  I've also ordered some keto chow and we'll do some batches with their different flavors :)