Keto With Kynda–Weight Loss & Wellness With Low-Carb Keto Living

If today’s standard weight loss advice isn’t working for you, let’s talk about a low carb ketogenic way of eating.

Hi, I’m Kynda Canada and I live and garden in Springfield IL with my husband Mark and our two golden retrievers.  Throughout my life I felt hopeless and ashamed about my weight. In late December 2015, I discovered keto and a whole new understanding of how to lose weight without suffering.

Since then, I’ve lost 85 pounds and I have no more joint pain.  Even more remarkable, my husband Mark has lost 45 pounds and has reversed all symptoms of diabetes.

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve spent a lot of years feeling embarrassed and out-of-control about what you eat and what you weigh.  But here’s the scoop:  The weight loss advice we’ve been given for the last forty years doesn’t work for a lot of us.  We thought it was our fault, but almost everything we’ve been told about losing weight is wrong!

My vision is that someday Keto will be well-known and widely accepted by the healthcare and food industries, mainstream media, and the public at large.  When that happens, we’ll find tasty Keto food options highlighted  on tv, in grocery stores, restaurants, food trucks, and state fairs.

My mission is to use my story to inspire others to learn more about keto and to meet their own happiness and wellness goals.
If I can do this, you can too!  Let’s get started!